BAD Festival x Hyatt Regency Brisbane (Queen St Mall)

As part of BAD Festival, see this piece in Queen St Mall, Brisbane on the face of the Hyatt Regency building from May 7-30. This was such a fun one to create on the tightest schedule and went up at 5:30am the day of the festival opening. Thank you to Brisbane Art Design, Hyatt Regency Brisbane and Museum of Brisbane. 💜💛🖤

With Megan’s beautiful face, I wanted us all to feel unafraid to break out of our prey-like bunny fears and splash the town with our stories, our culture, our expression, our opinions, our passions and our voices. I took an old Chinese saying that my mum said to me ‘Colour will Change on the Dragon’ 變色龍 and spun it to ‘Colour will Change on the Rabbit’ 變色兔 for we don’t ever have to stay the same. Let yourself be heard, let yourself be seen and let yourself be you.