Deena Lynch x Christian Louboutin (AW20 Collection Collaboration)

Deena Lynch was commissioned by Christian Louboutin to create a concept film, draw two visual artworks and produce photos featuring herself, in collaboration with Louboutin’s Fall/Winter 2020 Cube Collection. Not only did she create all that, but she also styled, designed and art directed each concept and decided to learn French during hotel quarantine to compose the music.
About the collaboration she says, “The inspiration behind the Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter ‘20 Collection instantly transported me to a playful Paris where pop culture, dance, cinema, abstract art, geometry, couture and colourful festivities make up a part of its DNA. With each collection, Louboutin creates a new world, so I wanted to create my own drawing from the Paris that he and I know, so that they all exist individually but come together to be a part of the same universe.
While I was working on the film, writing English words didn’t seem to convey the world I wanted to build so I decided I was going to learn basic French in 3 days to write the music. I wanted every aspect of the film, the visual artworks and photography to stay playful and magical. 

‘In my Louboutin world, je suis une poupée’

Louboutin has been a label I’ve been obsessed with since I was a little girl and this was a dream come true for me, not only that, it is the first time someone has believed in me as an artist to do what I love doing across my Jonze projects. They commissioned two visual artworks from Spectator Jonze, an art film with my own music from Jaguar Jonze and in the photography, styling, concept and art direction as yours truly, Deena Lynch.”

Clipped Festival (VIVID Sydney)

I was flown down to Sydney this year in June to be a part of Clipped Festival (VIVID Sydney Program) to draw Megan Washington live for 5 hours across the event.

Megan Washington was a panel speaker but we held our initial Spectator Jonze interview a week prior in Brisbane. This drawing highlights Washington’s openness with her stutter and how that affected her mental health as a singer and musician in the industry.

Creative Mornings Brisbane

Had the pleasure of being invited to be a speaker for Creative Mornings Brisbane February event at The Lushington. Sold out with over 180 attendees, I spoke on the theme of ‘Symmetry’ and used it to discuss the importance of being open about mental health, the necessity of creative outlets and my own journey with my PTSD. With an audience of creatives in attendance, I focused on the importance of conversation – to find the time to share the conversation with people, find the time to start that conversation with people and to find the time to have the conversation with yourself. Put it into your everyday practise of art, music, dance, words, knitting, woodworking, whatever it may be.
I found it difficult being that open and vulnerable to 180 people but I knew I wouldn’t have even be able to write it onto paper 6 months prior, and 6 months before that, I wouldn’t have even been able to talk about it with trusted friends. It’s a progress of baby steps we all should be taking.

The irony to the taboo and structure of feeling like you’re alone when struggling with your mental health is that every single person has a shade of trauma, anxiety, depression, illness, vices, inclinations, quirks, doubts, pain, suffering and demons etc. We need to start accepting that mental health is just as important as your physical health and just as the body will shut down here and there in sickness, the mind will too.

Let’s talk. Let’s talk often and open.

Watch it here: