Logan Art Gallery x Metro South Hospital

In 2019, Spectator Jonze spent every 2 weeks with the patients of Logan Mental Health Group from Metro South Hospital to connect and hear the stories of those who suffer from schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis, anxiety or depression and may often feel ostracised and silenced. The whole project was guided by their occupational therapist and social workers. It was a beautiful 8 month journey, with the end result exhibiting at Logan Art Gallery for 6 weeks. During the exhibition, two Spectator Jonze workshops that were booked out were held where people got to participate in a welcoming and safe space to complete their very own Spectator Jonze portraits.

Selected patients from the Metro South Hospital were filmed for short interviews which will be put together for a mini-documentary later this year in 2020. For now, watch the interview snippets below.